Sunday, August 20, 2017

Michael Scott's Mod Hadron is now a Sloop

Mike Scott scrapped his techie Hoot cat-rig on his Hadron and has now installed a square topped 420 sloop rig (in Dacron). He intends to test this new rig on the mod-Hadron against a down-rigged (also 420 sail plan) International 14 which he also owns. He promises an update when he gets the two dinghies out together.

The new rig for his modified Hadron:

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Sandbagger and Historical Aussie 18 Annapolis Week - Tentative Schedule

I just got off the phone with my friend Tom Price, who is one of the organizers of the Sandbagger and Historical Aussie 18 Annapolis Week sponsored by the National Sailing Hall of Fame. He gave me a tentative schedule which I will update when I get more information.

Sept 11 - unpacking of Aussie 18's
Sept 12 - rigging of Aussie 18's, Annapolis City Dock
Sept 13 - Race 1 Sandbaggers/Aussie 18's, 1 pm.
Sept 14 - Race 2 Sandbaggers/Aussie 18's, 1 pm
Sept 15 - Race 3 Sandbaggers/Aussie 18's, 1 pm
Sept 16 - Layday - Registration for the Classic Wooden Boat Regatta
Sept 17 - Classic Wooden Boat Regatta Race

Type and format of the racing is up in the air, but given the size of the boats the course will be of some length. Ian Smith, historian of the Historical Aussie 18's, is scheduled to give a talk at some point.

The focal point will be Annapolis City Dock and the NSHOF cottage.

Aussie Historical 18 foot videos here, here, here,
and here.

Historical sketch of a Sandbagger.

Post about the Sandbaggers.

Header Photo: The Pink Streaker Dinghy

The previous header photo was of "Sally Streaker", a pink Streaker dinghy at speed. I've never been a fan of the masses of all white fiberglass dinghies being churned out - I appreciate color, any color.

I could see myself in a Streaker dinghy if I lived in the UK. At 3.88 meters and 48 kg, the Streaker singlehander seems to have the right size, power and performance for an older codger like me.

Class website here.

Here's a photo of one of their starts during the Nationals.

Still Here (Sort of)

Two of my readers kindly contacted me to check that I was OK. Thank you for the concern - it was appreciated. I'm still around though it is obvious that I have been off doing something else rather than blogging (and it hasn't been sailing). Nevertheless, I have collected stuff to post, and the month of September 2017 will be a busy one in Annapolis, so there will be new material on Earwigoagin. (And the readers, bless them, still send material every once in a while.)

There is a lot of verbiage and photos already on this blog. Almost from Day 1 there has been a debate in my head about the right time to plant the flag, declare it over and move on. However, the time isn't at this moment.

May I direct you to this post from seven years ago which sums up the conundrum of a blogger.

Or you can get the full flavor of the milestones in this blog by clicking here. (Such as Earwigoagin got up to 2000 views in April 2009.)

Monday, June 26, 2017

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Music Whenever: Grand Analog "I Play My Kazoo"

I don't feature much rap (up to now, in all my music videos, there are no rap videos that I know of, )... I guess you could call this a lite-rap song by Grand Analog. My musical talent extends only to, but not beyond,  the kazoo. So scour your living space for that special hideaway where your kazoo has been stashed... wait for about 3 minutes into this video... and join in - full bore... Playing the kazoo is good for your soul... Guaranteed.

GRAND ANALOG - I Play My Kazoo from Southern Souls on Vimeo.

This is a story of a man from down south
The fam migrated to the north
I'm a put you on what it's about
The regular routes, Shanty towns that produce
the poor Born in the gutter, word to his mother
Make her something outta nothing, Matter, work harder,
go farther
My poppa said you gotta pop a lock on the purpose
Gotta love, then you implement the heart
Recognize the cause, make it true, whatever you do
Whether you
save the lives or play the kazoo
Be the author not the actor of your chapter to
Blank pages in this open book, now look
I could break it down like whatever you want
I come equipped with the sound, come equipped with the funk
Like whatever you want man
Doing my thing I do what I do
Walk the line, I play my kazoo
Shoot nothing but love when I aim at you
I be the baritone rapper with the falsetto
Walk with myself, Talk to myself, It's hard I know
I like to exercise the mental health
I know that I could do it like no one else
I come alive with the sun beneath the earth
Capture that moment in time like a camera
Withstand the land of a thousand bands
I am a man with no answers
Although I know the analog is grand That come apart like trouble man
I could break it down like whatever you want
I come equipped with the sound, come equipped with the funk
Like whatever you want man
Do my thing
I do what I do
Walk the line,
I play my kazoo
Shoot nothing but love when I aim at you
I be the baritone rapper with the falsetto
Long walk home, the long walk home
Recite colorful flows like Pablo Picasso
Cool fellow collected, connect,  When I metal on the mic, big city bright lights
Got me broken wide open till
I'm useless Like arthritis to a violinist,
I can't diminish
I scrimmage with the wrist when I write,
sip Guinness
I break it down to the compound when I'm in it
Believe it and you'll know, feel it when it flows
She'll feel it in her toes,
and nipples
Possibly maybe hit the spot that tickles
With the beats and the rhymes
sinking in like dimples

I play my kazoo

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Header Photo: Monotype de Chatou

The previous header photo was of Louis Pillon and his restored Monotype de Chatou. The Monotype de Chatou was a French follow-on to the American Lark scow, the Lark being originally introduced to France as the Monotype de Dinard. Designed in 1901 by Francois Texier, the Monotype de Chatou featured soft bilges rather than the boxy, chine shape of the Lark and the wide scow bow of the Lark was pinched in. The Monotype de Chatou was France's first popular dinghy with over 100 being built.

The drawing below is from the Wikipedia entry on the Monotype de Chatou.

A photo of the three of the original French build of the American Lark scow, the Monotype de Dinard.

Chatou was a western suburb of Paris, fronting the Seine River. There was a yacht club on the narrow island where the fleet of  Monotype de Chatou's were moored. From Google Maps.

In 1906, the French painter, Maurice de Vlamink, painted this scene (in the style of Van Gogh). Painted from the vantage point of Île de Chatou, it is likely the moored sailboat was a stylized Monotype de Chatou.

A rescue performed by a Monotype de Chatou. I'm not sure if the swamped vessel is another Monotype de Chatou. If this was a romantic Sunday sail, I would bet the lady being dragged over the gunwhale by the rescuers didn't bargain on being completely soaked by this mis-adventure.