Thursday, January 8, 2009

Vendee Globe: Two Women (on Day 60 of the race)

For the three or four regular readers of this blog, it is easy to deduce that I'm following the two women on the Vendee Globe Around the World Singlehanded Race.

On our last post, we said that Dee Caffari had some sail repair to do on her main. This video gives a how-to on main repair on an Open 60. That main looks rather sad!

With all the destruction of those in front, our every day effervescent Sam Davies finds herself currently in 5th (that may not be technically true as Marc Guillemot in 6th has been awarded 82 hours for the rescue of Yann Eli├Ęs). She is zeroing in on Cape Horn and her morale may be on the upswing but it's hard to tell with Sam as she is always upbeat. The video mixes French and English.

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