Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Melges 24 Worlds

The Melges 24 Worlds are in town this week. Organizers were able to co-opt the downtown "Ego Alley" dock area and all 50 odd Melges 24's are tied up in the heart of Annapolis. Very cool, very European.... until you wander down the docks and realize every single one of the Melges is a white hull with black spars. Ugh! As visually appealing as seeing a McDonalds, a Blockbuster, an Exxon gas station, and a Dunkin Donuts all piled next to one another. At least when the Volvo boats pulled into Annapolis several years ago they had some very interesting hull paint jobs. Cake decorator, Cat Evans
(correction Heather Evans... see comment)
, provided some much needed visual creativity to the Melges Worlds. That is some sheet cake! From the tent at City Dock.

Video from the gang at Sailing Anarchy;

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Anonymous said...

The cake decorator was actually Catharine's sister, Heather Evans