Friday, January 15, 2010

Music for Friday; Band of Skulls, "Honest"

I liked the music so much in this sailing video that I emailed the videographer for the bands name. The band is "Band of Skulls" and here is their acoustic version of another of their songs "Honest". Very nice!


my2fish said...

Band of Skulls just recently did a "Lounge Act" with WOXY, an independent online radio station I used to listen to when I lived in Cincinnati (they've since relocated to Austin, Texas). My iTunes is subscribed to the podcast of the "Lounge Acts".
The "Lounge Acts" are usually about 30 minute sets in studio - the band plays a couple songs, does an interview with the DJ, and then a few more songs.
I hadn't listened to this one yet, so thanks for pointing them out!

Here's a link to the WOXY Lounge Act that they did:
They do play "Honest" at the end of the set.

cheers, my2fish

Tweezerman said...


Thanks for the heads up.