Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Second Sail of 2010

I trundled my Classic Moth off to Severn Sailing Assoc for a sail this past Sunday. I'm with Tillerman on how much fun you can have just day sailing your dinghy. Sunday was a nice 8-10 knots out of the South with warm temps for April. Hiking out upwind, main fully powered up but not ragging, some small surfs downwind. Absolutely delightful.

In 2009, some of my best days on the water were day sails out of SSA. The Classic Moth is not a recognized class at SSA so I have to pick the off weekends which are usually major holidays (Memorial Day, July 4). I had a great time on July 4 of 2009 going up and back between two government marks with three Lasers in a shifty 10-15 Northwesterly.

This past Sunday, I did capsize once when I was running too hard by the lee and gybed accidentally. I actually got clocked by the boom on my eyebrow (have a little shiner there, not really noticeable). Luckily, pieces (i.e boom) of a Classic Moth are light. Yes, water was still a little chilly while I was swimming around the hull, but I was moving as fast as I could to get her upright. I've got to remember that the wind shifts off Back Creek in a Southerly.

Sailing just to be sailing...............

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