Saturday, September 4, 2010

Music Whenever; Blaze Foley; "Clay Pigeons"

Music for Fridays had become a minsnomer, so now I have renamed it to Music Whenever.

Blaze Foley sounds a lot like John Prine.

(Update....Well I did a little research and this IS a John Prine cover of the Blaze Foley song.)

Still, Pure Americana.

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michael b said...

When I quit racing and went into a funk, I bought a 23' Cascade dinghy and vowed to go out every week, year 'round, which I did for two years. No one to sail with, though and it was lonely. Meanwhile I signed up with DoryMan and found the gunkholers of the TSCA on the internet.
Not racers.
In fact I've learned to not mention racing, it gets them all heated up. Still, it's fun to sail around "comparing performance" with these guys. Had a race between a Caledonia Yawl and a kayak the other day. We couldn't lose that kayaker for love nor money!
Just changed the words to the song and started singing again...