Sunday, February 20, 2011

And Now from the Other Brother

To forestall any sibling rivalry (as if being mentioned on my blog merits any delusion of Internet notoriety!), Tom Price, brother of ice boating expert, Chris (mentioned in my previous post) has sent along some vintage Classic Moth pictures from the Baltimore Sun photo archive. Tom was doing some research for a historical talk he was to give to the Gibson Island YC when he stumbled on these.

Looks like a Mothboat start. Some very different vintage hull shapes here....

John Jenkins, sailmaker to the current day Log Canoes, picked up the log canoe rig features (club clew and sprit boom) that this Mothboat had adopted

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tom said...

I now think that the boat with the club and "spreet" is actually a "Scrappy Cat" - local Eastern Shore class, probably designed by Lowndes Johnson (Comet). Note there are 2 people aboard.