Sunday, June 12, 2011

Music Whenever: Lucky Uke "Cum On Feel The Noize"

No one would ever accuse this blog of being topical. But the recent propensity of American celebrities (Brett Favre - American football player and now Anthony Weiner - politician) to tweet their pectorals and that dangly thing between their legs, brings to mind this music video.

A ukelele band covering (and uncovering) a tune made popular by the rock band "Quiet Riot" (Umm! see the comments section for a correction, turns out Slade was the original band).

Not sure what the female stage manager has to say in French at the beginning of the video but I don't think it was very flattering.

From Ms. Francine, one of Earwigoagin's retinue of volunteer researchers, here is a rough translation of the opening comments;

".....she's basically calling the next number (next show or "spectacle") and then says something about him being petite (small) and he says "well its always worked for me" and she says "OK, whatever" then next show something something something, I can't really tell. But then she winks at the end.


isleofwightlen said...

Quiet Riot ?
The SLADE original is 'the real deal'.

Tweezerman said...

Who is Slade?

Bursledon Blogger said...

Right on Isleofwighen - but I Hardly think it's appropriate to use the words Noddy Holder in the context of that video clip.

The power of Benny Hill lives on!

Tweezerman said...

OK, what's a Noddy Holder?

Bursledon Blogger said...

Slade wrote and released Cum on feel the noise in 1973 (I remember going out from school to buy it at our local record store)

Noddy holder was the lead singer (the guy in the check top hat).

Benny Hill was a comedian renowned for double entendre, Nodder was a colloquial name for a condom.

Now if you were playing a ukulele in the nude --- most people my age in England would get the joke especially if they'd been drinking

good post - and I love the Chesapeake 20's