Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Romain's yacht

I've been promising Earwigoagin's European correspondent, Romain Berard, to do another post on his yacht for over a year now. You see, Romain owns a wooden International 12 and has supplied me with several photos, one of them now gracing the header of this blog. The International 12 is one of my favorite classes; certainly if I was based in Italy, where it is very popular, I would own one. I've posted several times before on the International 12 at the following links:
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Last fall I talked to Louis Sander of Ronstan at the U.S Sailboat Show. He is based in Italy and the conversation turned to the International 12, which, it turns out, is known simply in Italy as the "Dinghy" class. Louis said it is very popular in Italy (I notice online that they get fleets of 70 for big regattas in Italy) and, according to Louis, is based around Portofino/Tigullio, with the other most active fleets around Lake Como, and in the Veneto and Lazio regions.

Next year the International 12 will be 100 years old; without question it is the most popular vintage dinghy going. It is built in wood and glass and retains the original lug rig, though the racing types have completely modern blocks, lines, and Dacron sails.

A pic I lifted online, taken by Pascale Guittonneau of an International 12 sailing in a French vintage regatta. Very pretty lapstrake hull (clinker to those from England) with a very round hull shape. Sailing these craft can be tricky. Romain sent me a video of his boat sailing downwind in a breeze - rock and rolling all the way.

A YouTube video. The title screen, a disclaimer roughly translated from Italian by Google....

"The video was shot while I was making a photo shoot and it is not representative 'of the event, or of my work. These are only images to share with friends "dinghisti." Camera images are attached to the dinghy of Nicola Rainusso."

Bloggers Note: For those who have raced singlehanders, the onboard video at 3:25 into this YouTube is amusing. Apparently the skipper, in attempting to gybe around the reach mark, lost control, rounded up head-to-wind (as usually happens) and ran into the poor fellow who was following behind.



Tillerman said...

Romaine has 4 vowels and 3 consonants.

Just saying.

Tweezerman said...

I'm sure the blogger, at a conscious level, is completely unaware; it takes a fellow with a keen eye to pick this out, but, admittedly, this word arrangement does seem to be an undercurrent thread running through the recent posts.

Tillerman said...

UNAWARE has 4 vowels and 3 consonants. It would make a great name for a boat!

Romain BERARD said...

here's the link to that famous video: http://s57.photobucket.com/albums/g229/Gallussinensis/Settons%20Octobre%202011/?action=view&current=Jackbreakingthe9knotsbarrier.mp4

Tillerman said...

ARUGULA has 4 vowels and 3 consonants too.

I prefer arugula to romaine.