Sunday, November 11, 2012

Sunfish Frankenboat; The Solar Fish

Drawn to all things just different, I couldn't pass up taking photos of this modified Sunfish, the Solar Fish, that showed up at the 2012 Mid-Atlantic Small Craft Festival. Very ingenious. It was designed to be a sit-in, non-hiking day sailor with a small cabin. I took a quick once-over on shore but didn't have a chance to talk to the owner/builder. Some features that were apparent in my quick glance over were;

  • Furling sail.
  • Solar panel that fed a small trolling motor (the motor seemed to double as a rudder as well.)
  • A very nautical looking cabin.
  • What looked to be a wooden anchor bowsprit fitting (but I didn't see an anchor).

The Sunfish sported Ohio registration numbers. There seems to be a large number of retired machinists from the now-gone heavy industry factories of Ohio that seem to love hacking into various projects.

The Solar Fish made it out for a sail-about before the sailing race but didn't participate, instead smartly returning to shore under power, ignoring the contrary wind blowing off the Museum shores.

A side on view of the Solar Fish under sail..

Two photos on the trailer.


my2fish said...

wow, that thing is just bizarre! it sure seems like there could have been better options to start from if he was looking to make a boat like that.

do you mind if I post one of your pictures of that boat and a link back to here on my Sunfish sailing blog?

cheers, my2fish

Tweezerman said...

My2Fish - take whatever you need with my pleasure. I raid the Internet for content all the time and am happy to oblige one of my favorite bloggers.

my2fish said...

Tweezerman, well thank you kindly.

I raid the ol' net all the time, too... but I usually like to ask if it's someone I know.

thanks again.

Rupert said...

Usually with such things the choice of boat is governed by what is lying around, rather than by logic.

Love the thinking behind it.