Thursday, January 2, 2014

Frankenboat: Laser-To-?? - I'll let You Figure it Out

I admit when I clicked on this video I had no idea where this fellow was going with this Frankenboat/Laser hull project. I won't spoil the surprise (it certainly involved a  lot of wood!).

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my2fish said...

I sometimes see things like this and have to just wonder: why?

Tillerman said...

I'm sure I've seen this boat or something very like it on the web before. I'm with my2fish in wondering why?

Tweezerman said...

Well, you all know I have a soft spot for those original/sideways/thinkers/doers. I think I understand where this tinkerer was coming from. Probably an older gent who wanted a proper, more comfortable sit-on configuration. And while at it, let's make it self draining so we don't have to worry about sloshing around in water that finds its way into the cockpit. What he probably didn't bargain for was making this Laser mod weigh close to 200 lbs. (I estimate, looking at the size of the plywood and the extent of the structure.) What was a nice beach launching boat on a dolly now becomes more of a chore. There also seems to be one other design flaw; the tiller doesn't seem to have enough throw before it fetches up on the seat tank. I do credit him for the excellent workmanship of this FrankenLaser mod.

Tillerman said...

I guess you are right.

Some of us look at they way things are and say OK I'll buy one. Some people dream of the way things never were and say I'll buy 100 lbs of plywood and ruin it myself.