Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine's Video

My wife wonders what I do on the computer all the time. Some of it is finding a cutesy but well done video that I can bookmark for today. This one tells the shopworn story of a true love connection that keeps missing despite great effort (but misguided) by the protagonist (until the end - isn't that the way it always works out in the movies). It's an old story but this video does it with some incredible animation.

Nothing Says I Love you like a Ham!

Love ya, Jeanie.

Love in the Time of Advertising from Love in the Time of Advertising on Vimeo.


Pandabonium said...

Not to the pig. :o

Tweezerman said...

It's all relative I suppose. The pig is the most intelligent animal we humans slaughter for food (at least in the Western World where the dog and cat are off the menu). I've read the pig and dog are similar in brains and the small Vietnamese pig is quite prized as a pet (though I've never personally met anyone who has a pig as a pet).

Pandabonium said...

When I lived on Maui, some folks had pot belly pigs as pets - their small size made it easy.

I know a great joke about a three legged pig, but won't take your time with it right now... :)