Thursday, April 10, 2014

Vesper Boat Club - Throwback Thursday

Someone out there in Blogville has decided that Thursday should be the day to feature old stuff - most likely Tillerman's idea as his blog is where I've picked up Throwback Thursday as a regular feature. This seems to something worthwhile to occasionally emulate on Earwigoagin (when the spirit moves).

Recreational rowing is the oldest modern amateur watersport, with clubs proliferating in the U.S. just after the Civil War. Boathouse Row on Philadelphia's Schuylkill River is a neighborhood of river-front rowing clubs. One of these clubs on Boathouse Row, Vesper Boat Club, founded in 1865,  and featured in this following video, is probably the most storied rowing club in the U.S.

Vesper Club...A Classic Venue from BNProducers on Vimeo.


Tillerman said...

I didn't start the fire. The origin of throwback Thursday is unclear but it goes back at least to this blog post from 2006.

Dieharddinghysailor said...

Interesting, Rod....I only recently read the book

Kelly: A Father, a Son, an American Quest by Daniel J. Boyne, followed soon after by 'The Boys in the Boat' about the Washington crew that won Gold at the 1936 Berlin Olympics.

Great stuff, love rowing, must get out soon......!

Tweezerman said...

I'm not a rower. Tried it once on an Alden recreational shell. I learned quickly that there is some trick to feathering the oars, if you get it wrong and "crab", its a sure fire method to abruptly stop the boat and possibly eject the skipper. It is the age of this sport and how it intertwines with the history of watersports that fascinates me.