Thursday, May 21, 2015

An ad on this blog?

Well sort of... I thought this video put out by Vaavud, a company the sells anemometers for smart phones, is worthy of a repost, particularly since it has two Lasers bombing back and forth. Unfortunately, I'm a fossil; I only own a flip-phone and have resisted carrying any smart technology. I have no knowledge of the performance of the Vaavud anemometer. My experience with hand-held anemometers, when using them on race committee to determine whether we have the required 4 knots wind speed to race, is they are somewhat dicey in their accuracy at low wind speeds. Maybe some of those technically hooked-in with modern devices could comment on the smart phone anemometers.

Sailing with Vaavud from Vaavud on Vimeo.


Keep Reaching said...

Nice video - even though it was a slick advertising video, those guys looked like they were enjoying the Laser sailing - brought a smile to me.

my2fish said...

I want one. It seems like a nice gadget to add to my collection, and I don't have any other wind meter. Plus, I already carry my iPhone when I sail my Sunfish.

Tweezerman said...


Look forward to a review of this anemometer on your blog.