Tuesday, June 21, 2016

New Zealand Classic Skiff Moths

Neil Kennedy of New Zealand sent along some magazine snippets of the New Zealand Classic Skiff Moths, specifically from Seacraft magazine - 1958 and 1959, and Sea Spray magazine - 1965.

Most of the designs look very similar to our CMBA Shelley model. (Not surprising since Shelley was a transplanted Kiwi living in England during the 1960's when he was designing dinghies.)

Some items of interest from the magazine articles:
  • The 1958 cover of Seacraft has a Hawk design skiff with a rotating mast.
  • Bruce Farr got his start mucking around with Moth designs. His Mark III model is shown in the 1965 issue of Sea Spray. I didn't realize he had a brother, Alan, that was also his compatriot in cooking up Moth designs.
  • The Antipodean Moths always had a taller, fully battened sail plan compared to the American Mothboat.

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