Sunday, August 20, 2017

Michael Scott's Mod Hadron is now a Sloop

Mike Scott scrapped his techie Hoot cat-rig on his Hadron and has now installed a square topped 420 sloop rig (in Dacron). He intends to test this new rig on the mod-Hadron against a down-rigged (also 420 sail plan) International 14 which he also owns. He promises an update when he gets the two dinghies out together.

The new rig for his modified Hadron:

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Dieharddinghysailor said...

Tests were inconclusive; not much wind and though we swapped skippers between races (The Hadron, I-14, and a Vanguard V15), the same skipper won,I was second in all, my mate Brad third. Still I reckon in a decent breeze the Hadron will come out tops. Certainly the most fun to sail - ergonomics, trim etc. work well.