Sunday, February 2, 2020

Update on the California Jester Dinghy

Xenon Herrmann sent along an update to history of the Santa Cruz Jester Dinghy. It looks like the Jester was based on an earlier "East Coast Dinghy."
"I own an ancient 8' plastic-classic sailing dinghy which I believe is the "generic East Coast dinghy" upon which the Jester was based (according to Skip Allen quoted in the July 2018 Latitude 38 article on Made In Santa Cruz Race Week It came with a stainless steel tube at the bow which I figured was more than a fishing rod holder based on the El Toro rudder and gudgeons on the stern which came along with it. The previous owner used it as a rowboat, but I built a conservative lateen rig and a leeboard; it has no daggerboard slot. Much of the wood was rotten, which I've replaced. Since taking the photo showing the sail, I've made a taller mast for it and have begun experimenting with adding sail area, though even with the 30 sq. ft. sail shown it will sail in glassy conditions. It is an absolute joy to sail.
Xenon sent along two photos:

The original stainless steel mast tube.


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Nice cover photo!

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Thanks for noticing. Post now up on the RS Aero header photo.