Sunday, February 14, 2010

Cold here; Cold there.... Sigh!

If you're from the Mid-Atlantic seaboard, when you pack up the boats for a February Midwinters, it's going to be cold, maybe snowing or just snowed, sleeting, maybe a cold hard Northwester. You definitely will be wearing a knit cap to keep the bald head warm.

But the expectation is Florida will be sunny and warm. Shorts, T-shirts, sun screen, flippy flops are all packed. But the three Florida Midwinters I've done have all been chilly to cold. This year we sailed Sunday with temps in the high 40's (Fahrenheit.... 9 degrees C), and overcast. So out came the wetsuits and knit caps.

Sigh!..... maybe next year...........

Pics from John Z and Len Parker

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