Sunday, February 28, 2010

Frostbiting vs Anything Else

I've been enjoying Tillerman on his great post about his travails in the current Newport RI Laser frostbite season . Frostbiting in small sailing dinghies is something I did in my twenties but now, at this stage in life, I cannot drag up any great enthusiasm for ice cream headaches, complete numbness in hands and feet, and having to pee, all the while encased in a waterproof suit that takes 20 minutes to put on or off. I must be approaching "old codgerism" where it is easier to relate tales of "when I used to chip ice out of the bilge and then brave multiple capsizes in gale force winds and frigid waters" than it is to actually go out and do it.

One of my substitute activities during the winter is ice skating. I jury rigged a head cam during an ice skating session at McMullen Ice Arena. My test market (did I say friends?) say it is my most boring video ever. One wag says it looks like I'm stalking the skate guards. Will this stop me from foisting this on my blog readers? No way!

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George A said...

Hey Rod: I discovered this old post on your blogspot while googling Lanaverre Moths. Don't have a clue why I got here!