Wednesday, March 24, 2010

BMW Oracle

Readers of this blog know that I find the current America's Cup not so much sailboat racing, as a jingoistic, billionaire big money soiree. Billionaires and Hollywood stars are alien, not human.... their souls long gone, not even to purgatory.

I find this schmaltzy, "I love the sea", "I love the USA", good ole red white and blue, "I started sailing from nothing" (even if I'm from New Zealand) video very watchable.

It looks like Larry Ellison was interviewed in this video on his super...mega...mucho grande yacht (are there are a ton of seats behind him, maybe it's an onboard theater, thats why Larry loves the sea!). The weepy music in the video, the violin crescendo, the heart rending interviews. Man, the heart catches in the throat as we watch the family members cheer and Larry, urging his team on from his RIB and finally, finally holding the Amerca's Cup trophy after a cool 100* million and who knows how much in lawyers fees.

BMW Oracle Team video from Alex Shathan on Vimeo.


michael b said...

Fuel for cynicism. I have a denigrative phrase for this kind of behavior. It involves male regenerative organ dimension.

Pandabonium said...

what michael b said.