Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Golden Palace of Annapolis

About a year ago they completed three large towers of the Parole Town Center, a much ballyhooed multi use, multi million dollar complex out on the western fringe of Annapolis. The stores and bars on the street level seem to be doing well but the luxury apartments up top are selling oh... so... in this recession. The Parole Town Center may be one chink of the upcoming commercial real estate crash, the next crash to rock our economy, saith the doomsayers.

But this post is not about runaway commercial development, or boom economics, but about beauty in an urban world....... for the Parole Town Center turns into a golden palace in the springtime. The just risen sun of mid March lights the windows of the North East facing windows in a shimmering golden glow. I see it driving east into work at 7:15 am on Generals Highway, the glow just visible in early morn for only a few days right after the switch to Daylight Savings time. It is a springtime phenomena that for me, in the space of two short years, is much anticipated and given the short duration, I now pull my car over to the shoulder to soak it in.

I shot a short video which doesn't do it justice.

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