Saturday, May 29, 2010


Frankenboat - Modifying an existing sailboat hull (usually a sailing dinghy) into a completely different concept.

I must admit a strange affinity to those who develop Frankenboats. It is a very, very tiny cadre in the sailing community who delight in seeing something different in the ordinary, unlike the automobile community where creativity and the mashed up abound, whether it's hot rods, VW Beatles with Rolls Royces hoods, or Honda Civics with dolphin tails. I wrote about my friend Fran who is slowly converting a Sidewinder into a Geezer Sailing Canoe.

And here is a Roger and Williams student who decided to make a high performance skiff out of a Laser hull (tip of the hat to SailGroove).....

Sailing Videos on Sailgroove

I'm always on the lookout for the oddball creative type who has hacked up something old and familiar into something new (who woulda thunk....I own a Frankeboat which I'll get to in a later post)

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Pat said...

Hmmm, maybe we'll get some ideas.

Of course, it must have been obvious that the basic Laser or even a Rooster rig didn't offer nearly enough speed or excitement.