Friday, May 7, 2010

Music for Fridays; Rosie Flores, Alvin Hill "Goodbye Again"

It's fun to watch a duet with great chemistry. A country song performed with great aplomb by Rosie Flores and Alvin Hill.


michael b said...

I think it's Rosie more than anything else. She brings out the best.

Tweezerman said...


Never heard of Rosie Flores until I saw this video. I agree, she puts her heart and soul into this song. Got any other favorite Rosie tunes>

michael b said...

She's new to me, too and I thank you! What a big soul she has... As with so much on YouTube, the best songs have the worst video. Live music is best!

I'm not to thrilled by her rockabilly stuff, but the country is foot tapin'