Thursday, July 15, 2010

Brigantine Classic Moth Regatta Report; A Month Late

I was waiting for some pictures to do a full report on the Brigantine regatta, though I did cover the much more important pre-regatta party over here . Well, George Albaugh delivered the pictures (and some video) last week.

Twelve Classic Mothists attended with the three divisions evenly split; Gen2 with 4 Mothboats, Gen1 with 4 and Vintage with 4. Good winds and short courses made for a quick 5 races. John Zseleczky won the overall title and the faster Gen 2 division over Mike Parson, your humble scribe won a nailbiter over Walt Collins (1 point) in Gen 1, and Greg Duncan won another close battle with George Albaugh in the Vintage division. Depending on the race, the weather mark either had a large leftie shift or a large rightie shift. Figuring that shift wasn't so much my problem (I always seemed to be coming in from the left anyway); more of an issue for me was I had some horrendous starts. But it's all fun, especially scooting along the back side bay shore line to a gybe mark set just off the club...... where Merv's daughter was a hootin and hollerin as you wobbled into the gybe (her Dad, Merv, over 80, capsized, got towed in hanging off the transom and reappeared the next race rarin to go........Wow!).

Some pics (you know the drill, click on the pic to get a higher resolution version). Pictures taken either by Ingrid Albaugh or Jesse Joyner.

The top Vintage guys duking it out (George Albaugh on the left, Greg Duncan on the right).

A pre-start shot with the three divisions showing; on the right, Mike Parsons in the narrow waterline speedster Gen2, just to the left of him is Greg Duncan in the Vintage Skip Etchell's Connecticut design, circa 1950, and all the way to the left is our octogenarian, Merv in his Gen 1 Maser.

Winner overall, John Z in his Gen2 Modified Mistral..........

Merv and Greg Duncan upwind (I know you sailing coaches out there in the bloggosphere are tut-tutting about how they should be sailing flatter but this is still a nice shot).............

Walt Collin's rounding the weather mark in his Gen 1 modified, turbo charged, Ventnor knock off.

And a quick video of some of the starts (courtesy of Jesse Joyner).

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