Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Music Whenever; Rupa and The April Fishes; "Une Américaine à Paris"

This music video initially caught my eye with it's dissolute bar scene and bouncy cabaret music, despite the French lyrics making no sense (other than the words 'American' and 'San Francisco'.....I am unfortunately a typical Yankee monoglot). But to me the French language has a pleasing sound and songs sung in French convey a certain romantic mysticism. Rupa Marya was born in America but spent part of her childhood growing up in France.

Rupa & The April Fishes Cinematography By: MYRiCK Dir.Dugan O. from David Myrick on Vimeo.

English translation of the lyrics;

An American in paris by Rupa Marya

There were a few silent days
I didn’t say a word
and then I met you here in Paris
sitting next to me in a bistro
you come from Algiers
I come from San Francisco
a world between us
you asked me
aren’t you afraid to be an American in Paris
with all these angry Arabs?
I said no. I’m not an American
you are not an Arab and we are not in Paris
a crazy world between us

what do you think of all of this?
what do you think of these stories?
these stories make us crazy
you asked me if you could take a photo with me
I said no thank you, no photo, I prefer life
I’m not an American, you are not an Arab
we are not in Paris, we are in life
a crazy world between us


Anonymous said...

Your translation of "t’as voulu prendre ton photo avec moi" is partially incorrect. The Algerian is asking to take a photo with (avec) her, not of her.

Tweezerman said...


Thanks for the heads up. I've made the change to the translation.

Collie said...

thank you this song is now my favorite song!