Thursday, March 31, 2011

A salute to all those Frostbiters

Here, from the Mid-Atlantic. up to the Northern reaches of the East Coast of the United States, winter frostbiting wraps up usually by mid March. In recognition of those hardy souls (Tillerman, JohnZ, Dr. John) thrashing around in dinghies on Sundays, in water just above freezing, here is a video of the Laser frostbiting fleet in Newport RI (I think this may be Tillerman's frostbite fleet).


Tillerman said...

Sadly I don't deserve your recognition this year. I did sail with the Newport fleet most weeks in Jan/Feb last year, but this year I wimped out and haven't done any frostbiting.

Not sure if I'm getting old or it's just a hangover from my bad experience at the Masters Worlds. Sometimes a break from something you enjoy can redouble your enthusiasm for it when you take it up again. That's what I'm hoping anyway.

Tweezerman said...


Though I frostbited quite a bit in my 20's, the charm of racing in frigid temps and frigid waters has completely disappeared in my older years. Part of it may be my bladder doesn't hold up over 4 hours and I haven't seen a piss bottle invented yet for the dry suit.