Sunday, August 14, 2011

Followup to Mystery International Canoe on Severn River Bridge

Update to my spotting a a new generation lime green International Canoe stuck in traffic on the Severn River Bridge .........
The owner/designer/builder of that mystery IC, grey-haired, oldster Chris Maas won the International Canoe Worlds at Travemunde Germany held late July. And Chris also anchored the US team (with teammates and youngsters, David and Willy Clark) in winning back the New York Cup (first competed for in 1887) over the English team. The New York Cup competition is a semi team race; three vs three but the winner of the race is determined by the first one to cross the line. In the New York Cup, if you have a particularly fast canoe sailor you can spring to the front, it's game over. Dave and Willy were able to spring Chris to win the first two races (best out of three races) and the cup comes back to the U.S (Australia were the previous holders).

Pictures of various IC's sailing at the Worlds can be viewd over at Chris Hampe's Flickr account .

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