Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Water Playground called Hawaii; Paddling Racing and Canoe Surfing

Since Joe over at the blog Horses Mouth has taken a two week break, I'm going to take advantage of his absence and tread partially in his territory, that being surfing videos. This video does feature some surfing but, it is not a surfing video. No wizards on surfboards here. This video features the Hawaiian outrigger canoe; both the paddling and sailing type. There are two parts; the first part about the training and then the competition in an ocean race by the LiveStrong team, paddling a 6 man outrigger canoe (Hawaii's state team sport is outrigger canoe paddling), the second part of the video features sailing and paddling outrigger canoes playing in the surf zone.

Absolutely fascinating..........

molo sail and canoe surf from Anders Carlson on Vimeo.

Music is "All You Deliver" Jose Gonzalez; "Storm" Jose Gonzalez.


Baydog said...

I want a little Bonito. It reminds me of my Penguin days when I weighed 100 pounds.

Tweezerman said...


Severn Sailing Association held the 2011 Penguin Internationals in mid-August. The active racing Penguin class seems to have shrunk to the Chesapeake though building plans are still being shipped all over the place. Local SSA Thistle sailor, Charlie Kraft, won in an eleven boat fleet

Baydog said...

Eleven. Things are not what they used to be.

I've always thought that a Thistle looked like a big Penguin with a jib and spinnaker.