Friday, February 3, 2012

Did you say, "Thinking outside the box?"

"Thinking outside the box" is a much overused term, but applicable in the case of this French singlehander, David Raison, who glommed on a bulbous, scow type bow to his Mini Transat 6.5 design and then proceeded to dust the competition in a 3100 mile race from Madiera to Salvador de Bahia, Brazil. The course was mostly reaching, which always favors a hull shape like this, but you've got to give David a huge thumbs up. It's always enjoyable watching a novice designer, with the courage of his convictions, show up all those big yacht design firms.

This comment from reader "Patrick" had me chuckling so I dragged it over to the main post (in race boats, most times, beauty doesn't factor into the equation);
"Thinking inside the bathtub!"


Baydog said...

That thing sails like a dinghy and sits on the water like a cork!

Patrick said...

Thinking inside the bathtub!