Sunday, February 5, 2012

Oh! The Travesty of it all!

Good friend Bob, (see The Models of Bob, or Bob's Bolger Chebacco) was back up north from his retirement in Florida with some good news, and some bad news. First, Bob had sold his house in Baltimore; good news in a still sluggish real estate market. When he had first moved into that house, Bob had built a glorious stand-alone three bay garage with a nice loft....just the ticket for boatbuilding. Over the years, out of that building, Bob built a Chesapeake 20, a Bolger Light Schooner, an ACA sailing canoe, restored a Penguin, restored a paddling canoe and completed other boatbuilding projects that memory escapes me now. There was a nice sign hung above one of the bays, "Bob's Boathouse" (which caused problems with a cantankerous neighbor who claimed Bob was running a professional business out of this building!).

Bob sailing his restored Penguin at a MASCF in St. Michaels. The Penguin was refinished in his "Boathouse".

Now the bad news. As soon as the new owner moved into Bob's Baltimore house, he dismantled "Bob's Boathouse"! Most of Bob's friends, who are tinkerers in some shape or fashion, were dumbfounded. What was the logic in leveling a beautiful three car garage! But it happened.

Going, going.....



Joe said...

Quelle horreur!

Tweezerman said...

You can say that again!