Thursday, August 2, 2012

Feet in hiking straps?

The photo of the Irish lady leading the Olympic Laser Radials, hiking flat out and spray everywhere, has been closely scrutinized by some of our sailing bloggers to determine if both of her feet were in the hiking straps.

Well I've dug out another photo of an Olympic class where, after zooming in for more detail, and panning around, I've determined that this skipper definitely didn't have his feet in the hiking straps.

(I've stretched the definition of Olympic class just a bit; this is a photo from 2012 British Nationals of the 12 Square Meter Sharpie, the two-man class in the 1956 Melbourne Olympic Games.)


Keep Reaching said...

Well, I see 2 feet in the air and 2 people in the boat - are you sure they dont each have 1 foot under the hiking strap?
But judging by the expression on the face of one of them, I think he is close to getting wet.

Bill said...

No racing in Chestertown tomorrow!