Saturday, December 29, 2012

Header Photo: Pinasse a voile d'Arcachon

As in the previous post on the Monotype d'Arcachon, we remain in the French Bassin d'Arcachon. The header photo for the past month was of the traditional waterman's small workboat of the area, the Pinasse, a narrow double-ended canoe-like craft over twenty feet long carrying an enormous dipping lug sail (the foot is a long as the craft). I have featured the Pinasse in a previous post. (I have spelled it two ways, Pinasse and Pinnasse - it looks like Pinasse may be correct, derived, I assume from Pinnace, which means ships tender.)


Tillerman said...

Is that a Cape Cod Frosty in your new header photo?

Tweezerman said...

You nailed it Tillerman. Since we are entering the dead of winter, I thought a frostbite header picture would be more apropos. (Even though I have mostly sworn off frostbiting - you did catch me in a Soling in the winter last year.) I particularly like the intensity on this fellow's face as he peeks out behind the daggerboard. I lifted the photo from a Frosty site some time ago.

Tillerman said...

Those guys are amazing. I did try to sail a Frosty once. I don't know how they manage to do it.

A couple of Laser sailors I know are former Cape Cod Frosty Intergalactic Champions. That's pretty impressive. Those sailors from the Andromeda Galaxy are formidable competition.

There used to be a blog called EliBoat which was written by a Frosty sailor. I think it got hacked and was never recovered.

my2fish said...

that is a great photo, and a tiny little sailboat!

happy New Year Tweezerman!