Monday, December 24, 2012

Music Videos and Beer

I have had a surprising amount of readers who have complained that I've stopped my regular music video feature, "Music for Fridays" (well, two of you have raised your voices). The simple explanation is that I've found other modes of time wasting on the Net rather than watching music videos. For those who enjoy music videos, may I suggest you make regular stops over at My2fish and Baydog, both still have a regular music video post as part of their blogging repertoire. All is not lost as I still have some music videos bookmarked and one never knows what random research and linking will point to other music videos (see below). Don't despair, Earwigoagin will, out of the blue, have a music post.

Another feature that seems to have disappeared from Earwigoagin is the posts about the beer I have been currently drinking. Nope, I haven't stopped sampling beer - by the time I get around to thinking about the beer I've been drinking, I've gotten confused about what and how did it taste. Better to drink and not worry about writing about it. However, here are some of the recent beers that made a decent impression on my taste buds;

  • Smashed Blueberry - by Shipyard - A sweet Scottish ale married with blueberry.
  • Sam Adams Winter Lager - A dark, spiced beer with a malt base which fits my taste.
  • Sam Adams Imperial Stout - A dark, dark, stout with a distinct licorice flavor.

And courtesy of random Net research, the Bonzo Dog Band, just recently featured in this post, a germane music video to beer (and other drinks to imbibe this holiday season).

And a very merry holidays to all of those out in the bloggosphere. (With these craft beers, you just need to slowly sip just one, roll it around the tongue once or twice.)

(With apologies to John Lennon and Yoko Ono.)


Bursledon Blogger said...

Music and beer - could there be a better combination - Merry Christmas

George A said...

Hey Tweezerman: You can bring some of those beers to John Z's boat party on Friday. God Jul!

my2fish said...

Tweezerman, thanks for the shout-out. I haven't posted as much music lately, but the winter months can be slow with sailing topics, so I'm sure more will show up shortly.

Thanks again,