Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Log Canoe Video, #4 and Last in a Series by Bob Ames

Bob Ames, who is a naval architect by day, (and night also when he draws up racing sailboats) is also an amateur videographer of note. The following video is the last in a series of four he put together about log canoe racing and, according to Bob, is to be the last one in the series as he is relinquishing a spot on the log canoe team in 2013 to drive a sport boat next season. No better way to time waste a winter evening on the Internet than watch a series of spills, mayhem and Maryland Eastern Shore culture on one of the oldest continuously raced sailboats in the world.

Log Canoe Fever from B. A. on Vimeo.

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doryman said...

Good sound track. I take it, the big boys always get wet. Serves 'em.

Baydog said...

They are as Chesapeake as A Cats are Barnegat. In September 2001, weeks after 9/11, many of the log canoes came up to Toms River to race with the A Cats. My Dad and I spectated from my Merit 25 all day long and I kick myself for not bringing a camera. Yes, there were several capsizes, which instantly means race over.

Keep Reaching said...

Thanks for introducing me to this - I had never heard of these boats - fascinating.

What do you call the type of sails they have with the little vertical boom(?) on the mainsail?

Tweezerman said...

Not sure what the log canoe guys call that - I would say it's a clew club. I'll ask friends of mine. The sprit rig (instead of booms) was a popular American rig in the 1890's, good thing to - as the current board men don't need to worry about hitting their heads on a boom while they tack, they have to worry about getting brained as the boards fall out during a capsize.

Anonymous said...

It's just called a club; there is a club on the main and one on the fore. I was there in Barnegat Bay in 2001 -- such amazing hosts! I crewed on a tiny canoe and we dunked a lot, but the conditions would've been perfect for the Island Blossom and our 15-year crew.