Thursday, January 12, 2012

Log Canoe Video Released, Number 3 in a Series

I highly recommend watching Bob's other log canoe videos; you can watch

My good friend, Bob Ames, has released his third video in his amazing log canoe series. Bob was crew on Island Blossom, the season champion in 2011, and has just about put his GoPro on every part of a log canoe (including the topsail that flys above the foresail in light air). Bob starts the video with his best imitation of the toddler who does the E-trade commercials (trivia question: what's a boardman, a squelcher, a foreman) and the fun takes off from there, a great show on how rollicking and crazy these traditional racing craft can be to sail. The Aussies may have their crazy vintage skiffs but we Marylanders have our log canoes. There's some great capsize video (No, these canoes are not self rescuing).

Blossom 2011 from B. A. on Vimeo.

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