Sunday, January 29, 2012

Frostbiting Dinghies on the River Thames

A neat video short of Merlin Rockets and Lasers river sailing on the Thames in mid January 2012. Plenty of varnished wood on those Merlin Rockets! Short tacking in the river, and staying in the puffs usually means the older boats do very well on the Thames when racing against their higher tech modern brothers. Weather looks to be very sunny and warm for an English winter (we've also had a very mild one in the Mid Atlantic region so far). I like the banter between the videographer and his compatriot at the end of the video. "or something or other"


Baydog said...

Actually, isn't that photo from Cooper River? Or maybe Packanack Lake?

Tweezerman said...

The old timers at Cooper River tell the tale of 60 Comets attending one of their regattas in the 60's. Can you believe that. Where would they fit them all. Boy would I love to see photos!