Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Antipodean Season in Full Swing; Let's go to the Video Tape

While we shiver in the Northern Hemisphere (thankfully no snow in the Mid-Atlantic yet), the sailing season for our cousins down under is in full swing. Videos are filtering out of the Southern Hemisphere for those (like the blogmeister) that hunker down in front of the computer for these winter months.

The Aussie 12 foot Cherub class has provided much amusement to the readers of Earwigoagin in the past and these two Cherub videos featured below continue to deliver thrills, spills and dirty words in abundance.

First up is a video that basically follows a Cherub crew upon rounding the weather mark, down the leeward leg to the leeward mark.

Warning, lots of four letter NSFW words here (turn the sound down if you are at work).

"Finally got my pitchpole."
"At least you didn't break your ankle, eh!"

And essentially one game Cherub crew chaining together a bloopers reel with a great soundtrack. (The crew even lost the GoPro, but only momentarily as he dove down to retrieve it off the sandy bottom.)

Congratulations! This crew is the first nominee for the new Earwigoagin's 2012 "No Excuse to Lose Award"

For my mind, if you want some high speed thrills you can share with a friend, there is no better bang for the buck than the Aussie Cherub dinghy (originally conceived by Kiwi John Spencer).


Baydog said...

C'mon Tweez....Let's go down!

Tweezerman said...


Would love to. Just waiting for the Aussie Historical 10 foot skiff crowd to sponsor my way so I can report on their National champs. Or maybe the Lightweight Sharpie, I think I could do the mid sheet hand on one of them. Would love to try a scow Moth out of Belmont and alos a good ride on the plank on a Skate in a gentle 15 knots.