Sunday, September 8, 2013

Annapolis Walkabout

One of my odd peccadilloes (if you want a complete list, contact my wife) is that I have a large camera collection (I think six digital and one old film SLR) for someone who doesn't take many pictures and who really isn't that well versed in cameras. True to form, this summer I bought another waterproof point and shoot Fuji camera (even though I have a perfectly good previous waterproof camera). To test it out, I went on a walkabout around Annapolis (I can't think of a better small town to do this in, at least in the U.S.A). Destination photos are a popular feature on many blogs, one that I enjoy perusing. Since I haven't gone anywhere exciting for some time hometown photos are OK as well!

The Navy 44 training offsore keelboats at the Robert Crown Sailing Center Basin, U.S. Naval Academy.

"Ego Alley" is the sliver of the Annapolis Harbor that cuts all the way downtown. Nicknamed "Ego Alley" by the locals for its attraction to the Cigarette/Donzi motorboat types who like to slowly parade up and down this waterway, their combined thousand horsepower motors loudly complaining of the slow speed in a reverberating, slow syncopation, the owner, hairy-chested with gold-bling necklace, and two shapely, bikini'd ornaments on the bow languidly ignoring us poor gawkers on the shore. During my walkabout I wasn't able to catch any of this though I did get some racy motorboats tied up (owners and bikini'd ornaments probably imbibing in one of the many bars that surround the downtown harbor).

Ego Alley was a very pleasant place this early evening, as this couple taking in the view will attest.

And finally a walk up East Street towards State Circle, with the Maryland State House, seat of both Maryland legislative bodies and the nations oldest wooden dome.


Bursledon Blogger said...

One man's home town photos are another man's destination photos - they're all interesting

Tweezerman said...

Mr. Bursledon,

You are absolutely right. I was being unintentionally snarky - it happens when you quickly pound out a post without thinking how the words sound. Apologies. I do enjoy the destination photos in other blogs - but, as I said, I have a tendency not to bring a camera when I go anywhere, hence very few destination photos on this blog.

Unknown said...

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