Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Game On!

I am not a Superfan. You won't find me wearing team shirts or as standard fixture in the stands watching any professional sport. If I watch a sporting event on TV it is in short spurts, rarely do I take the whole game in -- Except for two events; Olympic Ice Hockey and the FIFA World Cup (La Copa del Mundo for my Hispanic friends). The World Cup starts tomorrow and I'll  watch as much as I can.

Although I'm not a native born American, U.S.A is my team. I like how the German coach Klinsman has transformed our attack. Unlike our previous rope-a-dope strategy of playing stingy defense and hoping for the miraculous counterattack (see Landon Donovan in 2010, or an own goal as was the case against Columbia in 1994), this year we can give anybody fits. For Brazil, it is obvious we fell into a tough group for the first games; we meet world powers Germany, Portugal, and also Ghana, who has eliminated us the last two World Cups. A steep hill to climb and all the better to tune in.

Game On!

Official World Cup song by PitBull

Pitbull ft Jennifer Lopez & Claudia Leitte - We Are One (Ole Ola)(The Official 2014 World Cup Song) [Intro] - Clean HD from DJ Brandon Crites on Vimeo.


Baydog said...

Taking into account that I shy away from being PC, where the fuck you from then, Rod? :)

Tweezerman said...


Nice to see your recent food post. Born in Peru of English parents. Spent most of my early years in Canada. (Yes, I used to recite "God Save Our Gracious Queen.") Been in the good ole U.S.A since, if I remember correctly, age 11 (I'd have to go back and check my citizenship papers to refresh the dates).

Unknown said...

ole ole!
The Brazil World Cup theme has been running through my he-- wait, no, that would be ESPN, playing continuously at our house.

Tweezerman said...

Oops! Looks like I was wrong in my prediction about enhanced offensive prowess. Another athletic, grind-it-out, with moments of brilliance, World Cup for the Yanks. Still very entertaining to watch. I could add some more opinions but that would be way over my actual knowledge of the game.