Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Header Photo: Australian Historical 10-Foot Skiffs - To the Back of the Bus!

This is the second time I have featured the crazy Australian 10-foot Historical Skiffs in a header photo. To fit three grown adults in a 10 foot racing dinghy and pile on the sail area is bad-ass in the extreme. Here is a onboard video of one racing. Join me in marveling as the crew camps out in the back of this rolly-rolly bus downwind (sometimes you just have to sit on the transom). The action heats up at about 2 minutes into the video.


George A said...

An advantage of a low aspect sail plan (ie long boom) is that it gives an ideal place for the go-pro camera. Someone should try this on a Classic Moth. It gives the impression that the dinghy is being shadowed by a "camera" boat and shows off the dinghy to great advantage.

PS: Love the pix showing Legend, Blondie and Com-on-K resting on the float at BYC.

Unknown said...

(Do I leave this comment a lot, because I think it often as I look at your blog.)

Anonymous said...

Notice the concentration of the skipper. He hardly moves at all.