Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Offsets for the French Fragniére Moth Classique

Plans de voiliers classiques Moth, Plans de dériveur classique Moth.
Concours de Plans pour Moth Classique lancé par "Le Chasse Marée"

Marc Morell

When I have some spare time I try to load a Classic Moth design onto the computer (usually with modifications, but hey, this is the beauty of the Classic Moth!). This time I have the offsets for the French Fragniére design, designed in the late 1950's and equivalent in design progression to the North American Mint or Cates design (which we classify as Generation 1). The Fragniére is a simple V-shape design with lots of rocker. The most unusual characteristic is the V-shaped transom bow which may not be at its best in open water but gives the design a distinctive look. This was a very popular design in France and should present the competent amateur with a straight-forward building project (except for the curved transom bow as shown in the plans - which would take some planning).

(To work with the PDF file, click the pop-out icon on the top right-hand corner to open the PDF file in another tab. From there you can print or download the file.)

Click here for the offsets of a three planker modified Fragniere Classic Moth design.


Dieharddinghysailor said...

Actually, Rod, that photo is of me sailing m,y British Moth on the Thames at Medley S.C. - circa 1959 (sorry about that, but funny to see myself there!!)
Mike Scott, Whidbey Isl.

Tweezerman said...

Thanks Mike. I've made the correction. I thought all British Moths had a back deck. I guess not.