Sunday, July 26, 2015

Offsets For A Three Plank Modified Fragniére Classic Moth

Plans de voiliers classiques Moth, Plans de dériveur classique Moth.

Sometimes I can't help myself. I'll sit down at the computer and push the lines of an existing Moth design in another direction. This is one of those creations. I took the Fragnière design, the French design with the transom bow, and made it a three planker. (Three planker means if you look at the 1/2 model, the design consists of three plywood planks - never mind that the bottom rocker plank is actually one contiguous panel when whole.)

Why? Because I can. I would expect this design to be somewhat quicker offwind but slower upwind in a chop and light air. No plans to build this anytime soon as I have enough projects all ready.

Here is the PDF file of the offsets. Click on the pop-out icon on the top right (hover your mouse pointer over the top right corner to find it) to get this into another tab where you can print or download the file.

Another modified Fragnière (it looks like the transom bow doesn't match the plans). A 2001 build in France. I like the purple hull color.

Erratum: This is actually the French Bilbon design which was patterned after the French Caravelle dinghy and not the Fragnière.

Offsets for my other modified French Moth design, the Zippy can be found by clicking here.

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