Friday, July 24, 2015

Header Photo: Aussie Historical 10-Footer - White Knuckes

The classic Aussie 10 footer is the only other class (other than the Classic Moth) to be featured more than once on the header photo. This photo embodies a facet of the sport that is a combination of crazy balls-to-the-wall, close-to-the-edge racing whilst sailing on a beautiful all-wood classic dinghy.

The lines to the Aussie 10 footer are also classic; a deep, roundish hull with enough flotation to accommodate three grown adults and a big rig in a ten foot dinghy.

For reference the waterlines are set at 60 mm, and the buttocks at 125mm. Stations are spaced at 305. 610, 1219, 1829, 2438, 3048 mm. At the transom, the 1/2 width is 689 mm and the max width (not on a station) is 816 mm.

Here is the dxf file if one is so inclined to use it in drafting or modeling software. All dimensions in meters. Use to pop-out icon on the top right for downloading this file.


Bill said...

Looks like Tweezer...

Tweezerman said...


Not quite. I hope Tweezer looks more modern. (After all it was designed in the new millennium.)

Tweezerman said...

For comparison, Tweezer's hull lines.