Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Bilbon Classic Moth Offsets

Plans de voiliers classiques Moth, Plans de dériveur classique Moth.
Concours de Plans pour Moth Classique lancé par "Le Chasse Marée"

Every winter I try to put together offsets of another Classic Moth. This is Bilbon, a design by Christophe Couton, which was the best of the new designs in the 2001 design competition sponsored by the magazine Le Chasse Marée. This Classic Moth design sports a pram bow and looks to be a stable design with it's wide beam. I've modified the design slightly to put a small curve in the bottom panels. The offsets are at the end of this post in a PDF file.

A very simple hull shape should make for a straightforward build.

Marc Morell
Bilbon sailing bow-on to the camera with the pram bow featuring prominently. Chrisophe modeled this design on the Herbulot Caravelle design which also features a pram bow, but is a larger, main and jib dinghy which is popular in France. I like Bilbon's purple paint scheme. Moth no. 111 is the all aluminum Gouget design.

Marc Morell
Looks like Christophe used simple pine frames sistered together on the centerline. A center traveller controls the mainsail and the mast is stepped on the keel.

Marc Morell
Another view of the interior.

Marc Morell

Use the arrow icon on the top right to put this PDF of the offsets into another tab for printing.

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