Friday, July 9, 2021

Header Photo: Firefly Upwind

The previous header photo was one of the late 1940's, 1950's hot molded Fairey Marine Fireflys being muscled upwind by a very intense crew. A great photo!

Unfortunately it looks like the Blogger template has changed once again and Blogger will now automatically shrink any new header photos I attempt to put up. For now, I don't see any work-around but if someone out there on the InterWebs has a solution, let me know. I will keep looking around on my end. This may be my last Header Photo post. A shame!

My small legion of dedicated readers may have noticed a distinct disappearance from blogging over the last six months. A major contributor was virtual teaching. After a day of sitting in front of a computer, many times talking to the great void, I had no desire to keep hammering on the keyboard after hours. The second and more important reason is my paucity of sailing over the last two years. It is hard to blog about sailing when you aren't doing much of it.

Some more photos of the 3.65 meter Uffa Fox Firefly collected mostly from FB.