Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Header Photo: Bertrand Warion's fleet in the reeds

Frenchman Bertrand Warion has provided plenty of copy for the Earwigoagin blog. This is a photo of some of his fleet sitting in the reeds. Peychot is Bertrand's own design; the small plywood cruiser in the middle of the group. Bertrand designed "Peychot" (little fish) several years ago with a mixture of some old and some new. "Peychot" was launched in 2013. Bertrand writes:
Very proud to see "Peychot" on the front page. The photo was taken during the launching days on the Lake Sanguinet. The one on the left is my one design, then the "bac à voiles", next is a little classic dinghy from a friend.

Lowriders Moth Facebook Group

For those who enjoy the history of the Moth there has been plenty of archival material going up over on Facebook. Look up the International Moth Lowriders Group. From a comment by John Butler on one of the posts)

"A number of active Moth Sailors from the 1960’s, 79’s, 80’s, 90’s and 2000’s are regularly posting articles, photos, and class yearbooks, etc., over at the International Moth Low Riders Facebook Group.. there’s plenty to see and comment on.

I have a whole tranche of archive albums in my possession, originally created by the UK’s Major Tony Hibbert, recently found at UK Moth Builder John Claridge’s workshop.... some dating back to 1961.... which I’m currently cataloguing and scanning."

Link to Facebook Moth Lowriders group.

A Earwigoagin TOH to John Butler for making this history available. An English start from the 1960's. Note the mixture of short mast and tall mast rigs.