Monday, September 30, 2019

How to dig back into Earwigoagin

Just a reminder. If you want to explore back into, what has become, with close to eleven years of rambling posts, a massive tome of a blog, the best bet is to do a Google search on Earwigoagin images.

Thames Raters in the English "Three Rivers Race"

Two Thames Raters, the ultimate river sailing machine, in close quarters during the Three Rivers Race. The little camp chair on the back deck is not normal gear but necessary in this race. The mast has to be dropped several times to get under bridges and the chair keeps the mast in place when down.

Header Photo: Vintage Aussie 18; Leeward Gunwhale Close to Gone

This one has been up for a while. A great photo of Avalon looking to cross the threshold of no return. The "Open Boat" forum on FB continuously posts great vintage photos of the Eighteen's; enough quantity I could keep using them as header photos for Earwigoagin over the next year.

Friday, September 20, 2019

What's happened to this blog?

A few of you may have wondered what has happened to this blog. I've been off drawing. You know, the art thing that old people get into. Mostly nudes. Go figure.

Music Whenever: Leroy Justice covers Prince's "Purple Rain"

An acoustic version that works.