Thursday, December 14, 2017

Music Whenever: D-Lo 3; "Move On Up"

D-Lo 3, aka the Delvon Lamar Organ Trio from Seattle layers soul upon soul in this cover.

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Header Photos: A Medley of English Moths from the 1960's

For the header photos, I've been running a set of old, 1960's, English Moth photos from a Chris Eyre collection posted on the Lowrider Moth Facebook page. These feature conventional Moth hulls and low aspect rigs such as we have in the Classic Moth class here in the U.S..

Chris and a girl (friend?, sister?, bystander?) launching or retrieving his deep-V 2nd Nervous Breakdown design.

Chris Eyre racing the 2nd Nervous Breakdown at the Europeans in, what was then, Czechoslovakia. Anderson Aerosails, popular among the English Mothists, was one of the first dinghy sails built to a radial design. An unstayed wooden mast, a screw-type vang with a large wheel and plywood wings are three of the notable parts to Chris's Moth.

A 1960's Shelley Moth design. Lots of boom bend, a boom slotted into the mast like the old Finn masts and a wood mast with stays jump out as period pieces.

A Shelley III (see comments) planing towards the camera. There is an Aussie scow tucked behind the mainsail. The Shelley is using a storm sail as you can see by the amount of unused boom overhanging.

Plenty of English Moth stuff from the 1960's have popped up on the Internet (designs, number of hulls built of each hull, design analysis). I've collected it and put it in the following PDF. As usual, use the pop-out icon in the top-right corner to put the PDF in another tab on your browser. From there you can print the PDF is you so choose.