Friday, June 19, 2015

A Catamaran Flying a Hull - Ho Hum - Not Really

At first glance, the following video of a catamaran flying a hull, with the crew stacked on wings, looks ordinary enough. Then you realize the wind is maybe two knots max! And then you realize the upwind headsail covers the span of the whole cat, from the bowsprit to the back corner of the transom! That's one way to get a ton of light air horsepower and jack up the VMG

This is one of the Swiss Lake classes, the M2 catamaran class which is the smaller cat class (there is the large M1 class).

Sailing Oysters SUI11 from Coconut on Vimeo.


Alden Smith said...

That's one very large jib - nevertheless the speed in that low wind speed is impressive!

my2fish said...

Very cool!