Monday, June 22, 2015

Header Photo: Rigging on the yard of Brigantine Y.C.

The previous header photo was the young one of Team Albaugh, Erik, rigging his Savannah Mistral Classic Moth in the yard of Brigantine Y.C. (his then girlfriend, now fiance is helpfully pitching in).

This year, 2015, marked the 24th running of the Brigantine Classic Moth Regatta, an event singlehandedly organized by the Albaughs (with a dynamite pre-race party hosted by the Courters). Thirteen Classics raced and it marked my first day on the water this year. Good thing the winds were lightish as I felt a complete klutz in my Moth, which is to be expected. A good time. Mike Parsons of Cooper River ran away and hid from the fleet in all races to take the overall results.

I had some time to take a couple of yard shots before shoving off for the racing.

Team Albaugh was in fluorescent green for the regatta.

Looming on the horizon are the famous casino towers of Atlantic City.

My trusty Maser has been going through a bout of repairs over the last year (hence the white primer). I have been accused several times of taking a nice looking sailing dinghy and making it uglier, year by year. I resemble that remark! (a somewhat funny American switcheroo on the comment, "I resent that remark!")

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